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SuperMUC Completes First Year of Operation

Press-Event at LRZ Garching

In late June 2013, GCS system SuperMUC, installed at Leibniz Supercomputer Centre in Garching near Munich, successfully completed its first year of operation. The management of LRZ used this anniversary as an opportunity to invite tech media representatives to the Garching-based supercomputing centre with the intent to grant them further insight into the current status of operation and into the future of their flagship computer. The journalists were provided with details about the usage of the SuperMUC in the numerous significant science and research projects, about LRZ’s continued ambitious efforts to remain on the forefront of Green-IT (Energy Efficiency), and about the planned system expansion (installation phase II) of SuperMUC which is scheduled to be completed in late 2014/early 2015. After completion of installation phase II, the Garching-based HPC system will deliver a peak performance of 6.4 Petaflops (6.4 billion floating point operations per second).

iDataplex system SuperMUC of LRZ Garching

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