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Prof. Helmut Reiser of LRZ Provides Expert Opinion on Internet Security in National TV Programme

GCS NewsFlash 04/2018

With the ongoing cyberattacks against Germany's government institutions in mind, ARD-alpha, a Germany public TV station offering educational programming, broadcasted a telecast dedicated to the topic "Internet Security". The programme, which aired on March 8, featured Prof. Dr. Helmut Reiser, Deputy Director of the Leibniz Supercomputing Centre and Professor at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. As an expert in the field, Reiser served as interlocutor to moderator Imke Köhler, commenting on the various cybercrime incidents being discussed.

The show was part of the series "alpha-demokratie", a television programme dedicated to providing in-depth information about pressing questions and developments of the state of national democracies in an unsettled world that goes beyond current events.

Click here to watch the full programme (Source: BR-Mediathek)

Prof. Helmut Reiser (LRZ)Prof. Helmut Reiser (LRZ) provides expert opinion on internet security on ARD-alpha.
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