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PATC training course "GPU programming" @ JSC

15.Apr.2013 09:00
17.Apr.2013 16:30
JSC, Jülich

Many-core programming is a very dynamic research area. Many scientific applications have been ported to GPU architectures during the past four years. We will give an introduction to CUDA, OpenCL, and multi-GPU programming using examples of increasing complexity. After introducing the basics the focus will be on optimization and tuning of scientific applications.

Topics covered will include:

  • CUDA programming model and language extension
  • Partitioning and granularity of parallel applications
  • Debugging and profiling of CUDA kernels
  • Impact of memory access patterns on performance
  • Multi-GPU programming using MPI
  • OpenCL programming model and API

Prerequisites: Knowledge in C

This course is a PATC course (PRACE Advanced Training Centres).