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Workshop "Blue Gene Active Storage" @ JSC

10.Jan.2013 09:00
11.Jan.2013 13:00
JSC, Jülich

I/O performance of HPC systems is a major challenge on the path towards exascale computers. As of today the computing performance continues to improve at a faster path than the performance of the I/O subsystem. At the same time new application areas, in particular from life sciences, are emerging with particular demanding I/O requirements. For these applications the performance metric does not only comprise storage capacity and bandwidth but also (irregular) data access rates.

To address this challenge technological breakthroughs are needed aiming for a tighter integration of computing and storage devices. This will not only affect the architecture of future HPC systems but also requires significant efforts from application developers for efficient utilization of these new technologies.

In this workshop we will review recent technological developments. Furthermore, we will investigate in detail the I/O requirements of various research areas which have a need for petascale or exascale compute performance and a significantly improved I/O performance.