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PATC training course "Advanced Topics in High Performance Computing" @ LRZ

18.Mar.2013 09:00
21.Mar.2013 18:00
LRZ Garching

Each day is comprised of approximately 5 hours of lectures and 2 hours of hands-on sessions.

Day 1

  • Intel Tracing Tools: MPI tracing and correctness checking
  • Intel Threading tools for OpenMP correctness checking and profiling
  • Profiling on SGI Altix systems: histx and lipfpm
  • Introduction to Scalasca

Day 2

  • Parallel application performance analysis with Scalasca
  • Parallel input/output with MPI-IO

Day 3

  • I/O tuning on high performance file systems
  • Portability of binary files, big/little endian issues
  • Using I/O libraries (pNetCDF, HDF5)

Day 4

  • Introduction to the PGAS languages Coarray Fortran and UPC: Partitioned global address space languages have emerged as an alternative to other parallel programming models, promising a shorter development cycle due to improved programmability while keeping the performance level on par with MPI. This course introduces the parallel facilities integrated into the Fortran language (coarrays) and the C language (unified parallel C), respectively. A hands-on session allows to experiment with the new concepts, using prototype implementations on LRZ's HPC systems.