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PATC training course "New XC30, Parallel I/O, and Optimization (3 Courses)" @ HLRS

23.Sep.2014 09:00
26.Sep.2014 17:30
HLRS Stuttgart

During August 2014 HLRS and Cray will install “HORNET” the follow-up to HERMIT. HORNET is a Cray XC30 with Intel “Haswell” processors and a peak performance of 3.7 PFlop/s.

The first day is targeted to HERMIT users who will continue their work on HORNET. Specialists from Cray will talk about the hardware and software enhancements between the XE6 and XC30 in order to support your migration towards this new machine.

The second day is dedicated to user parallel IO at scale.

The third and fourth day covers a 2 day introduction workshop about porting and optimizing your application for the Cray XC30. The topics of this workshop include the Cray Programming Environment, scientific libraries and profiling tools.