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Training course "User-Guided Optimization in High-Level Languages" @ HLRS

16.Jul.2014 09:30
16.Jul.2014 17:00
HLRS Stuttgart

While writing code in High-level languages, HPC-programmers often have a notion of gainful optimization strategies, that should be applied to their code. Nevertheless, nowadays compilers generally use heuristics to decide on optimization strategies. To lower this gap, we will present new ideas and tools to raise the programmers control over compiler optimisations, i.e.

1) Noise - trigger optimizations by annotations
2) Sierra - SIMD computations with compound data types
3) AnyDSL - create DSLs with associated optimization strategies

All of these tools will also be applied in hands-on sessions. In addition, an overview of available optimization strategies will be given by compiler experts.

Noise and Sierra are limited to C/C++, even though the underlying concepts ought to be applicable also to other imperative languages, particularly Fortran. AnyDSL uses a dialect of the Rust programming language.