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8th International Parallel Tools Workshop @ HLRS

01.Oct.2014 13:00
02.Oct.2014 17:00
HLRS Stuttgart

The 8th International Parallel Tools Workshop will take place at HLRS in

Stuttgart, Germany on October 1st to 2nd.

We are looking forward to an interesting workshop on the state-of-the-art of parallel programming tools, ranging from debugging tools, performance analysis and best practices in integrated developing environments for parallel platforms.

Recent advances in the High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware, such as increased capabilities of a single NUMA node or heterogeneous architectures combining traditional CPU nodes with the GPU accelerators, have fostered the creation of a new generation of highly scalable parallel applications and libraries. However, the growing hardware capabilities of modern supercomputers have caused an increasing complexity of parallel applications development.

Despite numerous efforts to improve and simplify the development process, there is still a lot of manual tuning needed for a parallel application to fully benefit from modern HPC architectures. The tools facilitating the debugging and performance analysis of parallel applications, either developed with the traditional, such as OpenMP and MPI, or more modern programming models, such as StarSs, are still of the highest importance for the development of new applications as well as porting the existing codes to the new HPC architectures.

The High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is very pleased to host the 8th International Parallel Tools Workshop, which is jointly organized with the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing Dresden (ZIH). The Parallel Tools Workshop is an annual forum for providers of tools for debugging and performance tuning of parallel applications. The workshop serves a discussion forum between the developers of state-of-the-art tools used in high-performance computing, and allows for feedback and discussion on new challenges and techniques.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Debugging Tools and Concepts
  • Performance Tools and Concepts

We encourage the participation of both experienced users who would like to get an insight into the newest trends in creation of debugging and analysis tools as well as new developers who would like to get a bright overview about the existing tools and techniques to be used with their parallel applications.

Early bird registration is open until 15 August. After that, registration is still open at a higher fee until 30 September.