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Training course "Programming in C++ for C programmers" @ JSC

02.Jun.2014 09:00
12.Jun.2014 16:30
JSC, Jülich

C++ is a multi-paradigm programming language supporting procedural, object-oriented, generic and functional programming styles. In this course, the current standard of the language, C++11, will be introduced to participants familiar with C. Minor changes expected in the revision C++14 will be also be introduced.

The course will run in two parts: 2-4 June and 10-12 June 2014. The first half will introduce the C++ (C++11) syntax. Through a number of simple but instructive exercises, the participants will learn the C++ syntax and familiarise themselves with elements of object oriented, generic and functional programming. The Standard Template Library for C++11 will be introduced in sufficient detail to be useful.

The second half will be about graphics, Boost libraries and multicore
performance. Brief introductions will be given to :

  • graphical user interfaces using Qt5.
  • Boost C++ libraries
  • Intel (R) Threading Building Blocks

This course is designed for participants with previous programming experience, and introduces the current standard of C++. It cannot serve as a beginners' introduction to programming.