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Training course "Data analysis and data mining with Python" @ JSC

17.Nov.2014 09:00
19.Nov.2014 16:30
JSC, Jülich

Pandas, matplotlib, and scikit-learn make Python a powerful tool for data analysis, data mining, and visualization. All of these packages and many more can be combined with IPython to provide an interactive extensible environment.

In this course, we will explore matplotlib for visualization, pandas for time series analysis, and scikit-learn for data mining. We will use IPython to show how these and other tools can be used to facilitate interactive data analysis and exploration.

Day 1: Basic data analysis and visualization

  • Introduction to IPython for interactive data analysis.
  • pandas
  • NumPy
  • matplotlib

Day 2: Advanced data analysis visualization

  • pandas
  • Statsmodels
  • Mayavi2

Day 3: Advanced topics

  • Portable data formats
  • scikit-learn

This course is aimed at scientists who wish to explore the productivity gains made possible by Python for data analysis.