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Training course "Iterative linear solvers and parallelization" @ LRZ

15.Sep.2014 08:30
19.Sep.2014 15:30
LRZ Garching

The focus of this compact course is on iterative and parallel solvers, the parallel programming models MPI and OpenMP, and the parallel middleware PETSc.

Different modern Krylov Subspace Methods (CG, GMRES, BiCGSTAB ...) as well as highly efficient preconditioning techniques are presented in the context of real life applications.

Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the

  • basic constructs of iterative solvers
  • the Message Passing Interface (MPI)
  • the shared memory directives of OpenMP.

This course is organized by the University of Kassel, the high performance computing centre of Stuttgart (HLRS) and IAG.