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PATC training course "3rd JUQUEEN porting and tuning workshop" @ JSC

02.Feb.2015 09:00
04.Feb.2015 17:00
JSC, Jülich

JUQUEEN is JSC's large special purpose supercomputer, an IBM Blue Gene/Q with 5.9 Petaflop/s. Although production on JUQUEEN started more than two years ago, users still need to make special efforts in order to get the most out of this unique research tool and get accustomed to the hard- and software.

Each year the workshop also focuses on one special user group with additional parallel talks and closer support (this does not exclude other users). The third workshop in this series invites users from earth system modelling. This will be supported by our Simulation Laboratories for Climate Science and Terrestrial Systems.

The aim of this hands-on workshop is to support current users of JUQUEEN in porting their software, in analysing its performance, and in improving its efficiency. The workshop topics start with an introduction to JUQUEEN's hard- and software and related best practices. It will also explain the available performance and debugging tools and explain parallel I/O with its data formats. Special topics may then provide more in-depth knowledge on specific BG/Q features such as prefetching, SIMDsation with QPX, low-level networking, and active storage as well as topics close to earth system modelling.

This course is a PATC course (PRACE Advanced Training Centres).