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PATC training course "Advanced Topics in High Performance Computing" @ LRZ

07.Apr.2015 09:00
10.Apr.2015 18:00
LRZ Garching

In this add-on course to the parallel programming course special topics are treated in more depth, in particular performance analysis, I/O and PGAS concepts. It is provided in collaboration of Erlangen Regional Computing Centre (RRZE) and LRZ within KONWIHR.

Each day is comprised of approximately 5 hours of lectures and 2 hours of hands-on sessions.

Day 1

  • Processor-specific optimization strategies: compiler switches, avoiding cache thrashing, exploiting SIMD capabilities (Treibig)

Day 2

  • Introduction to Intel Xeon Phi (Weinberg)
  • OpenMP 4.0 (Weinberg)
  • Parallel I/O with MPI IO (Wittmann)

Day 3

  • Tuning I/O on LRZ's HPC systems (Mendez)
  • Portability of I/O: Binary files, NetCDF, HDF5, SIONlib (Mendez)

Day 4

  • PGAS programming with coarray Fortran and Unified Parallel C (Bader)
  • PGAS hands on session

Prerequisites: Good MPI and OpenMP knowledge as presented in the course "Parallel programming of High Performance Systems".