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Training course "Cray XC40 Workshop on Scaling and Node-level Performance" @ HLRS

20.Sep.2017 09:00
22.Sep.2017 16:30
HLRS Stuttgart

In August 2015, the Cray XC40 supercomputer Hornet at HLRS was upgraded to a new system named "Hazel Hen", featuring 7712 compute nodes, each equipped with two 12 core Intel Haswell processors running at 2.5 GHz. Each node is equipped with 128 GB DDR4 memory and connected to the other nodes through the Cray Aries network. The peak performance amounts to 7.4 PFlops.

In order to help users running efficiently on this new large system, HLRS and Cray offer an optimization workshop in addition to the "Introduction to the Cray XC40 HPC System at HLRS" Workshop taking place on the previous day. The intent of this workshop is to tune the performance of user codes by detecting, locating and solving bottlenecks.