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Extreme Data Workshop @ JSC

18.Sep.2018 09:00
19.Sep.2018 13:00
JSC, Jülich

Exascale computing will require exascale data handling. Earth system sciences and other application areas (e.g. astrophysics, genomics, photon science) are facing rapidly growing challenges due to the fact that observation systems and numerical models are producing data of unprecedented volumes and at unprecedented rates. Weather and climate models must be further developed to resolve the small scales that are relevant for extreme events and the assessment of their impacts. New telescopes, medical imagers, satellites, and other instruments produce data in finer resolutions, at higher frequencies, with increasing numbers of channels. Scientific progress and the development of services (e.g. environmental prediction) hinge on the ability of the next-generation compute and data infrastructures to cope with these data streams. Present workflows often decouple data generation, data processing and services, and data archiving and curation. The anticipated dimension of extreme data will require development of new hardware technology, new workflows and service architectures, and a better integration across various storage systems.