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Training course "Introduction to Parallel In-Situ Visualization" @ JSC

01.Apr.2018 00:00
01.Apr.2018 00:00
JSC, Jülich

VisIt is a distributed, parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for data defined on two- and three-dimensional (2D and 3D) meshes. It lets you instrument your simulation code for in-situ visualization and analysis - visualization capabilities are added inside the simulation so it can visualize the data using the same level of resources as being used to calculate the data.

The course will cover an introduction and the basic aspects of VisIt as a visualization tool in general. In the second half we will focus on the use of VisIt in massive parallel environments. Especially the integration into existing simulation codes for in-situ visualization will be discussed. In a hands-on session the integration of VisIt will be demonstrated on an small parallel application.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to VisIt
  • In-Situ Visualization with VisIt
  • Hands-on session

Date has not yet been fixed. Probably one day in April 2018.