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Training course "Programming with Fortran" @ LRZ

14.Feb.2018 09:00
16.Feb.2018 18:00
LRZ Garching

This course is targeted at scientists with little or no knowledge of the Fortran programming language, but need it for participation in projects using a Fortran code base, for development of their own codes, and for getting acquainted with additional tools like debugger and syntax checker as well as handling of compilers and libraries. The language is for the most part treated at the level of the Fortran 95 standard; features from Fortran 2003 are limited to improvements on the elementary level. Advanced Fortran features like object-oriented programming or coarrays will be covered in a follow-on course in autumn.

To consolidate the lecture material, each day's approximately 4 hours of lecture are complemented by 3 hours of hands-on sessions.

Course participants should have basic UNIX/Linux knowledge (login with secure shell, shell commands, basic programming, vi or emacs editors).