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Training course "Introduction to programming with GASPI in HPC" @ LRZ

08.May.2018 09:00
09.May.2018 16:30
LRZ Garching

GASPI (Global Address Space Programming Interface) is a partitioned global address space API. It is designed for scalable and flexible computing on massively parallel HPC systems based on distributed memory architectures. By involving all local memory as a global address space, GASPI represents an alternative to the one-sided communication of MPI. In contrast to MPI, it features asynchronous data flow based on a notification-driven model. The strong scalability of GASPI has been shown by several use cases, such as seismic or CFD applications. See and for more details.

The workshop aims to give an introduction to the GASPI programming model by dealing with following key aspects:
Day 1: What does GASPI offer?
Day 2: How can I use it and which typical use-cases do we have?