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Training course "Optimization of Scaling and Node-level Performance on Hazel Hen (Cray XC40)" @ HLRS

01.Apr.2019 14:00
05.Apr.2019 13:00
HLRS Stuttgart

In order to increase the efficiency of our users' applications on Hazel Hen, HLRS and Cray offer this workshop to enhance the node-level performance as well as scaling of the codes utilized by participants. By doing so, users can raise the volume as well as quality of their scientific findings while the costs (in terms of core hours) remain constant.

In order to achieve usable efficiency enhancements, it is important to discuss pros and cons of potential solutions. This, however, requires application as well as hardware expertise. Hence, this workshop brings together application and hardware specialists in the shape of users and machine experts.

Supported by HLRS and CRAY specialists, you will analyze the runtime behavior of your code, locate bottlenecks, design and discuss potential solutions as well as implement them. All categories of bottlenecks (CPU, memory subsystem, communication and I/O) will be addressed, according to the respective requirements. Ideally, the above steps will be repeated multiple times in order to address several bottlenecks.

If requested by participants, also lectures can be given on various topics. This is in particular true with respect to scalable I/O strategies and mechanisms (MPI-IO, NetCDF, HDF5), since I/O is the bottleneck of many HPC applications these days. By means of hands on sessions, participants can gain initial experience with lessons learned.