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Workshop - ANSYS Technology Day @ LRZ

27.Feb.2019 09:00
27.Feb.2019 17:00
LRZ Garching

On the occasion of the new 2019 R1 release of the ANSYS software, the LRZ, Garching and CADFEM GmbH, Grafing jointly present and organize an ANSYS Technology Day at the LRZ Auditorium Building. The ANSYS Technology Day is aimed to provide all users of the ANSYS software for engineering simulations in structural mechanics (CSM), computational fluid dynamics (CFD using CFX, Fluent, Discovery AIM and Discovery Live), electro-magnetic field computation (HFSS, Maxwell-3d) as well as systems simulation a comprehensive update on a selection of new features and modeling / simulation capabilities of ANSYS latest new software release 2019 R1 (to be published in early February 2019).

Furthermore LRZ will present on the total bandwidth of offered Linux Cluster and Supercomputer systems and high performance computing (HPC) capabilities at LRZ, which are available for the application of the ANSYS simulation software packages (and beyond). Besides the engineering simulation and HPC capabilities LRZ will give an introduction to available services and capabilities for an efficient pre- and postprocessing, i.e. mesh generation and visualization of large-scale engineering simulation results from the ANSYS software using the remote visualization systems, GPU cloud services and the capabilities of the LRZ Virtual Reality and Visualization Center (V2C).

The jointly organized ANSYS Technology Day provides to all users of the ANSYS simulation software from Bavarian technical universities and research institutions the possibility to meet and network with the experts from CADFEM GmbH and LRZ and to discuss with them your questions regarding the efficient use of the ANSYS software and the supercomputer systems of the LRZ. The ANSYS Technology Day is aimed to be of great benefit for a broad range of ANSYS software users from the very beginner in the world of engineering simulation, parallel computation and HPC up to the experienced ANSYS software user with more specific and application oriented questions and with interest in the most recent developments in the brand new and major ANSYS software release 2019 R1.

At the ANSYS Technology Day the LRZ is offering the possibility of a guided tour to the LRZ computer building featuring the new SuperMUC-NG supercomputer, which is ranked in the new TOP500 list (Nov. 2018) of world’s fastest supercomputers on rank number 8 and which is thereby the fastest supercomputer of all EU member states. Participants being interested in this guided tour to the SuperMUC-NG are kindly asked to register on this website in advance.