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Training course "Parallel computing with MATLAB" @ LRZ

11.Mar.2019 13:30
11.Mar.2019 16:00
LRZ Garching

MathWorks MATLAB is a software package that allows interactive and scripted numerical math. It is suitable for various fields of application in engineering and science. This short course gives an overview of MATLAB's various parallel-computing capabilities and their usage.


  • Welcome
  • Introduction to parallel computing with MATLAB

    • Parallelisation and acceleration of long-running MATLAB jobs
    • Involve multiple cores/CPUs
    • When the CPU goes down -- Machine and Deep Learning with MATLAB on GPUs
  • Application of parallel-computing strategies

    • Usage of high-level statements: parallel for loops, special array types and parallelisation of numerical algorithms
    • scale parallel MATLAB applications on clusters and cloud
  • Discussion, wrap-up