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Training course "CFD mit OpenFOAM®" @ LRZ

14.Jan.2019 09:00
18.Jan.2019 17:00
LRZ Garching

Topics of this course are:

  • Introduction to batch scripting and Linux basics for OpenFOAM® usage as well as overview of case structure.
  • Lectures on theory of meshing with introduction to basic mesh structure of OpenFOAM®.
  • Introduction to snappyHexMesh and cfMesh.
  • Introduction to the theory of the finite volume method. Lectures explain spatial and temporal discretization concepts including an introduction of boundary conditions. OpenFOAM® basic application solvers simpleFoam and pisoFoam are a further key aspect.
  • Swak4Foam for enhancing simulation work flows is introduced with different hands-on sessions. The second part highlights basic code structure of OpenFOAM® for installation and compilation.
  • Introduction and remarks to parallel simulation with MPI.
  • Introduction to turbo-machinery.