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Supercomputer Hazel Hen

CRAY XC40 system Hazel Hen of HLRSHazel Hen, the CRAY XC40-System of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), delivers a peak performance of 7.42 Petaflops (quadrillion floating point operations per second).
Copyright: Boris Lehner for HLRS

In October 2015, HLRS completed the installation of its supercomputer Hazel Hen, a Cray XC40-system. The new HPC system is an upgrade of HLRS's previous flagship computer known as Hornet and is designed for sustained application performance and high scalability. Hazel Hen delivers a peak performance of 7.42 Petaflops and is perfectly suited to serve HLRS’s prime science and research fields such as scientific engineering, health, energy, environment, and mobility.

Hazel Hen is composed of 7,712 compute notes with a total of 185,088 Intel Haswell E5-2680 v3 compute cores. The system features 965 Terabyte of Main Memory and a total of 11 Petabyte of storage capacity spread over 32 additional cabinets containing more than 8,300 disk drives. The input-/output rates are +/- 350 Gigabyte per second.

The pre- and post- processing infrastructure of HLRS aims to support users with complex workflows and with advanced access methods including remote graphics rendering and simulation steering.

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