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HLRS - High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart

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The High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) is embedded in one of Europe’s strongest science and innovation regions and offers world-class computational facilities and support for engineering sciences. Due to its integration into the University of Stuttgart, the centre is best prepared for research, development, production, and teaching to seamlessly work together. The supercomputing environment at HLRS is primarily designed for scientific engineering tasks, so it’s no surprise that the Petascale systems of HLRS are repeatedly the world’s largest and fastest supercomputing platforms used for industrial research.

HLRS is a major player and driving force in the field of international HPC training and education. It also collaborates with many firms such as Stuttgart-based Daimler and Porsche, making the centre one of the worldwide leaders for academic-industrial partnerships. With this, HLRS actively suits action to the word of know-how transfer from science into industry. Since the Stuttgart area is re-known as “Silicon Valley of the Automotive Industry”, it figures that a research facility for the automotive field was established in this region. At the Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart (ASC-S) researchers from HLRS and the industry come together with software and hardware companies to create innovative solutions to future problems facing the automotive industry.

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