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Supercomputer SuperMUC

Supercomputer SuperMUCSuperMUC at LRZ

LRZ’s flagship computer SuperMUC encompasses two installation phases. SuperMUC Phase 1, an IBM System X iDataPlex consisting of 155,000 cores, was officially inaugurated in July 2012 and delivers a peak performance of 3.2 Petaflops. SuperMUC Phase 2, a Lenovo NeXtScale WCT system taken into operation in June 2015, delivers a peak performance of 3.6 Petaflops, pushing the maximum theoretical computing power to now 6.8 Petaflops. Both system phases share a common GPFS file system with 15 PB usable storage size respectively as well as a common programming environment. SuperMUC Phase 1 + 2, which are highly energy-efficient thanks to hot-water cooling technology, are designed as general purpose HPC systems, which allows an exceptionally versatile deployment. More than 150 different applications run on the LRZ system environment per year. SuperMUC is being used for a wide spectrum of science and research tasks, ranging from medical and engineering & energy applications to astrophysics.

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