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The primary goal of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing e. V. is the advancement of scientific high-performance computing and the sustainable development and care of computer-aided scientific experiment in Germany and Europe with the highest level of computing capacity.

To assure a permanent leading role in the European HPC-Community, the GCS pursues the following goals:

  • Continuous allocation for state-of-the-art supercomputing environments with complimentary system architectures for the sustainable development of computer-aided science in Germany.
  • The advancement of science and research through the production of new technical knowledge and expertise.
  • Optimal support for scientists in various disciplines through the orientation of the three GCS centers‘ implemented computer architectures and their performance characteristics based on the specific needs of the various users (complimentary system architectures).
  • A guarantee of the availability of the best-equipped system environment based on technical and scientific criteria (in place of regional/institutional assignments) through a peer-review process of the GCS Governance, both for national as well as European users.
  • Education and training of first-class supercomputer users in all three GCS centres to generate expertise on the highest level and to ensure the most efficient use of the corresponding system environments (know-how-transfer).
  • A guarantee of competitive opportunities for German HPC infrastructures helps support Germany’s leading position in the realms of automotive, medicine, and foundational research.
  • The continuous availability of current system infrastructure at the highest level to attract and retain highly qualified scientists and engineers.