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Steering Committee of GCS

The GCS steering committee awards computer time grants on the GCS petaflop systems to scientifically excellent GCS large-scale projects. The projects are evaluated by a peer-review process which is strictly based on their scientific and technical excellence..

The committee members are:

Chairman: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Siegfried Wagner
Vice Chairman: Prof. Dr. Kurt Binder


  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang E. Nagel, University of Dresden, Chairman of the HLRS Steering Committee
  • Prof. Dr. Dietmar Kröner, University of Freiburg, Deputy Chairman of the HLRS Steering Committee
  • Dr.-Ing. Thomas Bönisch, HLRS, User Management at HLRS


  • Prof. Dr. Kurt Binder, University of Mainz, Chairman of the NIC Scientific Council
  • Prof. Dr. Dietrich Wolf, University of Duisburg, Chairman of the NIC Peer Review Board
  • Dr. Norbert Attig, JSC, User Management at JSC


  • Prof. Dr. Peter Bastian, Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing, Heidelberg University, Chairman of the HLRB Steering Committee
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Wellein, University of Erlangen, Deputy Chairman of the KONWIHR directorate
  • Dr. Matthias Brehm, LRZ, User Management at LRZ

Permanent guests:

  • Prof. Dr. Heinz-Gerd Hegering, Member of the Board of GCS
  • Prof. Dr. Arndt Bode, Director of LRZ
  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael M. Resch, Director of HLRS
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas Lippert, Director of JSC, Chairman of the Board of GCS
  • Dr. Claus Axel Müller, Managing Director of GCS