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Photo of JUQUEEN

Supercomputer JUQUEEN

JSC currently hosts one of the fastest supercomputer in Europe, code-named JUQUEEN. With a peak performance of 5.9 Petaflops, JUQUEEN was also the first HPC system in Europe to pass the 5 Petaflops barrier. More: Supercomputer JUQUEEN …

Supercomputer SuperMUC

Supercomputer SuperMUC

The LRZ flagship computer is code named SuperMUC. With the expansion of the initial system configuration by SuperMUC Phase 2, the peak performance of LRZ’s HPC system was more than doubled to now 6.8 Petaflops. The system expansion (Phase 2) was officially taken into operation in June 2015. More: Supercomputer SuperMUC …

CRAY XC40 system Hazel Hen of HLRS

Supercomputer Hazel Hen

In October 2015, the CRAY XC40-system code-named Hazel Hen was officially taken into operation at the HLRS. Hazel Hen features 185,088 compute cores and delivers a peak performance of 7.42 Petaflop/s. Hazel Hen is used for research in the fields of scientific engineering, health, energy, environment, and mobility. More: Supercomputer Hazel Hen …