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Supercomputers of GCS: SuperMUC of LRZ (top), Hazel Hen of HLRS (bottom, left), JUWELS of JSC (bottom, right)

HPC Services and Computing Time

GCS boosts computational science and engineering by offering a world-class computing and networking infrastructure. Each GCS centre hosts supercomputer systems in the multi-petascale performance range, placing all three individual GCS institutions amongst the most powerful computing centres in the world. With a combined performance of 35 petaflops (Rmax), GCS provides the largest supercomputing infrastructure in Europe. The system architectures implemented at the three GCS centres are complementary to ensure that a broad spectrum of applications can be accommodated.

Cave at HLRS

The Visualization Centres of GCS

Computer simulations have long since become vital tools for research and development in various scientific fields. Virtual laboratories and test stands have significantly helped create new methods and research possibilities for researchers and engineers alike and complement the vast computing power of the GCS HPC systems. All three GCS centres feature state-of-the-art visualisation facilities. More: The Visualization Centres of GCS …