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Application for Projects on JUWELS

Regular calls and calls for large-scale-projects

The GCS/NIC-call is open for project leaders, whose affiliation is in Germany (or is a foreign office of a German institution). Also eligible are German scientists if they are working in an international organisation with significant German participation (e.g. CERN, ESA, ESO) and do not have a permanent position there. Interested researchers from abroad (within Europe) are invited to apply via PRACE.

JUWELS (Jülich Wizard for European Leadership Science) is a modular system to be set up in several steps. The current cluster module (CPU) is equipped with 2500 dual-socket Intel-Skylake Platinum 8168 nodes. About 2 % of the nodes are equipped additionally with 4 Volta GPUs yielding a total performance of about 12 PF/s. In order to bridge the time gap until the planned booster model for JUWELS will be established in a second step, you are invited to apply for computing time on the JURECA Booster Module of the Helmholtz Association for highly-scalable applications within an application for a regular computing time project. Apart from the scientific relevance of the project, an important criterion for the allocation of computing resources is that the project can make efficient use of the computer and use a large number of processors in parallel for the simulations.

Please consider the following notes on the use of JUWELS:

The resources of this leadership-class system will be provided for a small number of grand challenge projects that will be selected in accordance with strict scientific standards. Resources will be allocated to the projects within the framework of an international reviewing procedure. The following criteria must be met by the projects in order to be eligible:

  • Scientific excellence.
  • Clear scientific goals and verifiable milestones on the way to reach these goals.
  • Preliminary studies that show good scaling behaviour of the program to very high processor numbers under production conditions (i.e. typical parameter sets and problem sizes of the planned project, including I/O).
  • A detailed and clearly arranged work schedule in form of a table or Gantt chart.
  • Well-founded and detailed demonstration of the required runtime of the program and the total required CPU time.

Review process

Large-scale projects (35 million core hours or more) are peer-reviewed by a committee of the GCS. If approved they will get increased user support and preferential processing of their jobs.

Regular projects are peer-reviewed by a committee of the John von Neumann Institute for Computing (NIC) on behalf of GCS.


Computing time periods are yearly - with the possibility of application twice per year - and will begin on 1 May and on 1 November each year.

The next call for proposals will cover the period 1 May 2019 to 30 April 2020 and will open on 14 January 2019.
The deadline to answer this call will be 11 February 2019, 17:00 CET.

Please, first prepare a detailed project description that you will have to upload to the electronic questionnaire as a pdf file. Follow the guidelines about form, content and size of the project description. Take particular care that

  • the estimate of the applied computing time is verifiable by the reviewer,
  • a plot is supplied that shows the scalability of the program under realistic production conditions, and that
  • you provide information on computing projects and applications for computing time you have with other supercomputing centres.

If you wish to add supplemental material to the project description (unpublished manuscripts etc.), please collect that in a second pdf-file. Also this file you will have to upload to the electronic questionnaire.

Please fill in the electronic questionnaire completely and attach the project description and - if necessary - the supplemental material as pdf files.

Electronic questionnaire (open 14 January - 11 February 2019, 17:00 CET)

 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC Access at GCS (PDF, 296 kB)
 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC Access at GCS (docx, 238 kB)
 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC Access at GCS as a TeX file (FileTypex-tar, 408 kB)

Please make sure that your data are complete and check them. Finally, please sign the application form and the PI agreement and send it preferably by e-mail or by regular mail to the Coordination Office for the Allocation of Computing Time at JSC.


Coordination Office for the Allocation of Computing Time
Jülich Supercomputing Centre
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