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Guidelines for project applications for JUQUEEN

Please keep to this form and content of a project application if you apply for computing time on the GCS Petaflop Supercomputer JUQUEEN in Jülich.

Applications should be submitted in English.

Please structure the project application in the following way:

  1. Detailed description of the project

    The project description should comprise the following:

    • Outline of the scientific problem and your approach towards its solution (with references)
    • Description of previous work in this field, exploratory studies including the experience and results obtained (with references)
    • Statement of the scientific goals of the research project
    • Description of the physical and mathematical methods employed in the project, including numerical algorithms
    • Detailed schedule of the project (please give a clearly arranged work schedule using a table and/or Gantt chart), in the case of an extension of the project, please give details about any changes of your plans.
    • Preliminary studies that show good scaling behaviour of the programs up to 8192 processor cores under production conditions (i.e. typical parameter sets and problem sizes of the planned project, including I/O).
    • A detailed description of the I/O behaviour of the application (amount and size of files generated during typical runs, I/O strategy used (MPI I/O, netCDF, HDF5, SIONlib, usw.)) and an estimate of the storage requirements during the project (scratch diskspace needed, amount of data which needs to be transfered during the project to and from the system).

    In case this is a continuation of a previous project, we ask you to describe mainly the changes in the project from the previous year's application and to upload the previous application as supplementary material.

  2. Status report/Final report

    In case this is a continuation of a previous project, or, if you have completed a previous project, a status report or final report, respectively, is necessary. It should be uploaded as a separate PDF file in the
    online application form and should contain the following information:

    • The concrete results which were obtained in the last computing period.
    • Statements about the use of the computer in your project with respect to performance, scaling behaviour, main storage requirements and disk storage requirements.
    • The publications which were published in peer reviewed journals in this time (no conference contributions or posters).
    • Ph.D. theses which were completed within the project (please give name of the author and the title of the thesis).
    • Attractive colour pictures which were created in your project to present your results, which can be interesting for a general public. We would ask your permission to use these pictures in publications about JSC or GCS.

Please follow the Template for a Project Proposal (template for Tex avaliable) and - if applicable - the Status Report (template for Tex avaliable) with respect to form, content and size.

 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC access at GCS (PDF, 321 kB)
 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC access at GCS (docx, 238 kB)
 Template for Project Proposal for Tier 0/Tier1 HPC access at GCS (FileTypex-tar, 390 kB)
 Template for the Status/Final Report (PDF, 43 kB)
 Template for the Status/Final Report (docx, 29 kB)
 Template for the Status/Final Report as a Tex file (FileTypex-tar, 22 kB)

The project description and - if applicable - the status report have to be uploaded to the electronic questionnaire as pdf files. (Please, do not include any supporting material in these files).

If you wish to add supplemental material to the project description (please, only unpublished manuscripts etc.), please collect that in a second/third pdf file.