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GCS Brochure "Rechnen für eine bessere Zukunft" / "Computing for a Better Tomorrow"

Höchstleistungsrechnen im Dienst von Wissenschaft und Forschung / HPC for Science and Research

GCS Brochure 2017 "Computing for a Better Tomorrow"

The GCS image brochures "Rechnen für eine bessere Zukunft" respectively "Computing for a Better Tomorrow" sum up what GCS is all about. They emphasize on GCS's ultimate mission, namely: To provide cutting-edge high performance computing (HPC) technologies to aid in science and research in Germany and Europe.

The brochures provide insight into the value-add HPC brings to society by highlighting a number of exemplary research activities in a wide variety of scientific fields that leverage the petascale computing power of the three GCS HPC systems Hazel Hen (HLRS, JUQUEEN (JSC) and SuperMUC (LRZ). The publications also reflect on GCS's intensified focus on getting its HPC users, who come from all fields of science and industry, well prepared to fully leverage the vast computing power offered to them through the various training and education programs and workshops arranged by the three GCS centres. The brochures also looks toward the future, highlighting bright young minds using supercomputing for new and novel research aims.

Brochure 2017, German version:  GCS-Brochure "Rechnen für eine bessere Zukunft" (PDF, 2 MB)

Brochure 2017, English version:  GCS-Brochure "Computing for a Better Tomorrow" (PDF, 2 MB)

Brochure 2016 (in German only):  GCS-Brochure "Rechnen für eine bessere Zukunft" (PDF, 2 MB)