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Project UPSCALE: Counting the Storms

Principal Investigator: Pier Luigi Vidale, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading U.K.)
HPC Platform: Hermit of HLRS

Climate related high-impact events, such as tropical cyclones and high-latitude storms, and their associated risks, are a major concern for society. A team of climate scientists under Prof. Pier Luigi Vidale are using the supercomputing capabilities of GCS for compute-intensive high-resolution simulations in order to increase the fidelity of global climate simulations and provide quantitative information about the frequency of high-impact events and their risks. The research activity comprises a large series of experiments with each experiment dynamically simulating 27 years of both current and future climates. The gained insight will help improve the understanding of weather and climate risks, and enhance confidence in their changes with climate change.

Experiments dynamically simulate 27 years of both current and future climatesSnapshot of a tropical cyclone making landfall in Louisiana and a „companion“ extra-tropical cyclone in the West Atlantic ocean, moving to the N-NW. Both storms were simulated by a Global Climate Model (HadGEM3-A) at a resolution of N512 (~25 km) and had originally developed in the tropical Atlantic ocean. Colours show humidity with winds shown as vectors, coloured by local temperature at 500 mb (top left), 200 mb (top right), 925 mb (bottom left) and 850 mb (bottom right).
Copyright: University of Reading

Full article in inSiDE, Vol. 10 No. 1

Prof. Pier Luigi Vidale
Department of Meteorology - University of Reading
PO Box 243, Earley Gate, Reading RG6 6BB / U. K.

September 2013