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Large-Scale Projects from the 7th Call (February 2012)

at JSC:

"Highly-resolved numerical simulations of bed-load transport in a turbulent open channel flow"
Prof. Dr. Jochen Fröhlich, Technische Universität Dresden

"Simulation of complex fluids and flow through porous media"
Dr. Jens Harting, Universität Stuttgart
Project report

at LRZ:

"Scalable simulations of flow in stented intracranial aneurysms"
Dr. Sabine Roller & Dr. Jörg Bernsdorf, German Research School for Simulation Science, Aachen/Jülich
Project report

"Extreme PREcipitation and Hydrological Climate Scenario Simulations (EXPRESS-Hydro)"
Antonio Parodi, CIMA, Italy, & Prof. Dr. Dieter Kranzlmüller, LRZ Garching
Project report

"Large-Scale Simulations and Modelling of Pollutant Emissions in Turbulent Premixed Flames"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Pitsch, RWTH Aachen University
Project report

"Modelling the complete lifecycle of molecular clouds"
Dr. Stefanie Karoline Walch, MPI f. Astrophysics, Garching