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Li-Ion Batteries in Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles

Principal Investigator: Jenny Kremser, ASC-S Stuttgart (Germany)
HPC Platform: Hermit of HLRS

For the design and integration of Li-ion battery modules for electrified vehicles efficient and well suited simulation tools are needed. The project ‘Development and Validation of Thermal Simulation Models for Li-Ion Batteries in Hybrid and Pure Electric Vehicles’ (involved members: asc(s, Battery Design, CD-adapco, Daimler AG, Opel AG and Porsche AG) concentrates on the development of a simulation environment for the electro-thermal layout of a lithium ion battery module in a vehicle. This environment will be applied during the early phase of the virtual vehicle development process to verify the (narrow) electro-thermal requirements on the battery module in coordination with vehicle development. This is an important preliminary requirement for the development of optimised design concepts for electrified vehicles to fulfill increasing demands on energy consumption, driving range, and durability.

Li-Ion Batteries in Hybrid and Pure Electric VehiclesCopyright: courtesy of the Behr GmbH & Co. KG

Full article in inSiDE, Vol. 10 No. 2

Scientific Contact:

Dr. Jenny Kremser
Automotive Simulation Center Stuttgart e.V.
Nobelstraße 15, D-70569 Stuttgart

September 2013