InSiDE, Spring 2021 Gauss Centre for Supercomputing e.V.


InSiDE, Spring 2021

News Features

  • LRZ to Expand its Flagship Supercomputing System to Integrate HPC and AI 
  • Hawk Expansion Will Accelerate Research Combining Simulation and Artificial Intelligence
  • German National Supercomputing Centre Provides Computational Muscle to Look for Cracks in the Standard Model of Physics

Science Features 

  • Researchers Use LRZ HPC Resources to Perform Largest-Ever Supersonic Turbulence Simulation 
  • HPC Helps Scientists in Quest for Advancing Hydrogen-Based Energy Storage
  • Researchers Use the Power of HPC to Elucidate Hund Metal Characteristics


  • SEQUOIA Project to Bring Quantum Computing to Industry
  • DEEP-SEA and REGALE Help Bolster Dynamic Software for Exascale
  • Advancing AI Technologies Towards Exascale Computing 


  • JUWELS Booster Early Days Help Users Make the Most of JSC’s GPU-Accelerated Module
  • LRZ Steps Into the Quantum Age
  • SAS Workshop Considers History of Imitation, Adaption, and Deception


  • Staff Spotlight: Reflecting on 35 Years of HPC, Recently Retired Application Support Group Leader Reflects on HPC Developments Past and Present