InSiDE Autumn, 2020

News Features

  • As the JUWELS Booster Comes Online, Researchers are Reaching New Computational Heights
  • GCS Leads Efforts to Increase HPC Expertise Across Europe, Including Among SMEs
  • Testing HPC Technologies and Shaping the Future of Computers

Science Features

  • GCS Centres Support Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Designing and Siting Wind Farms in Complex Terrain
  • Researchers Use Computation to Scale Up Biochemical Processes 
  • Researchers Fly High with JUWELS and Experimental Aircraft to Better Understand Ozone Depletion


  • HLRS Will Help Build National Data Research Infrastructure for Catalysis Research
  • Full Steam Ahead to Exascale SEAs
  • ORIGINS: Answers to Existential Questions


  • Staff Spotlight: Long-Time JSC Group Leader Helps Spearhead Next-Generation Networking Technologies
  • During Pandemic-Related Remote Working, GCS Centres Embrace Expanding E-Learning Offerings