GCS boosts science and research by offering a state-of-the-art supercomputing and networking infrastructure, a comprehensive suite of user services and support, as well as world-class HPC training for academia and industry.

Science Domains

GCS HPC resources support a broad spectrum of scientific and engineering research, enabling discoveries in medicine, engineering, materials sciences, and climate research—among other disciplines—that could not be solved through traditional means.


HPC Infrastructure

GCS offers the largest and most powerful supercomputing infrastructure in all of Europe. Our HPC resources serve a broad range of science and industrial research activities in various disciplines. Each GCS centre hosts a supercomputer in the multiple-petaflop performance range, placing all three institutions amongst the most powerful computing centres worldwide.


HPC Access

GCS provides open access to its world-class HPC resources to national researchers from academia and industry through various allocation programs (Calls for Computing Time). All requests for computing time are evaluated based on scientific merit through a strictly defined process—proposals are peer reviewed by technical experts and leading scientists from an applicants research field.



User Services and Support

In addition to raw computing performance, GCS features a comprehensive suite of user services to ensure that GCS users can fully leverage the leading-edge HPC technologies at their disposal, ultimately allowing them to spend more time on science and less time porting and optimizing computer codes.



Computer simulations are vital tools for research and development in many scientific fields. While computation can speed up the time to scientific discovery, virtual laboratories, test stands, and visualization environments play a significant role in helping researchers make sense of their data. These tools helped create new methods and research possiblities for scientists and engineers, and all three GCS centres have invested heavily in state-of-the-art visualization faciltiies.