InSiDE Autumn 2019

News Features

  • Looking Forward to Hawk‘s Take-Off
  • FZ Jülich and Google Announce Quantum Computing Partnership
  • LRZ Embraces Emerging Technologies with the Bavarian Quantum Computing Exchange

Science Features

  • Researchers Uncover Critical Role of Direct Earthquake Motions in Triggering a "Suprise" Tsunami
  • Materials Scientists Combine Theory and Experiment for Studying Composite Material Contacts
  • University of Stuttgart Researchers Use HPC to Improve Wind Turbine Design


  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre Continues Coordination of 6th PRACE Implementation Phase Project
  • DCDB: Modular, Continuous, and Holistic Monitoring for Energy Efficient HPC
  • HiDALGO: Merging HPC and High-Performance Data Analytics to Address Global Challenges


  • JSC Hosts Inaugural Earth System Modelling Symposium
  • Digital Tools for Urban Planning
  • Bavaria's Billion Billion - The 2019 LRZ Next-Gen HPC Symposium