InSiDE Spring 2020


  • HLRS Celebrates Inauguration of New Supercomputer “Hawk”
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre Researchers Collaborate and Innovate at the Front Line of Quantum Computing Technology
  • GCS Centres Support Research to MitigateImpact of COVID-19 Pandemic
  • High-Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence Decode the Language of Life in Proteins
  • Researchers Build Biomolecule Tolerance with Supercomputing Simulations
  • Supercomputing Simulations Help Researchers Peer Inside Combustion Processes
  • EuroCC and CASTIEL Will Build European Network of HPC Expertise
  • EU Project Sano on Computational Medicine
  • CompBioMed 2 Project Helps Simulate the Human Being
  • JSC Hosts 10th NIC Symposium
  • HLRS Addresses Social and Ethical Implications of AI and Machine Learning
  • Bavarian Quantum Computing Exchange Brings Researchers Together to Explore
    Computers of the Future
  • Staff Spotlight: Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Accelerating Application Performance
  • GCS Support Staff Forge Closer Connections to Users Through Mentoring Concept