News Features

  • GCS Centers Focus on Flexibility in Helping Users Take Advantage of New AI Capabilities
  • From Supercomputer Waste to Community Heat: LRZ Continues Energy Efficiency Leadership Through New Energy Production and Reuse Initiatives
  • Stuttgart Research Initiative Will Support Energy Transformation in Local Communities

Science Features 

  • Researchers Seek A Quantum Leap in Biomedical Research
  • Hawk Helps Researchers Peel Back the Curtain on a New Class of 2D Materials
  • Julius-Maximillians-Universität Würzburg Researchers Use SuperMUC-NG to Gain Deeper Insights into the Quantum World


  • EXA4MIND Project Leverages Europe's Data Resources
  • Better, Faster, Easier, Smarter: Warmworld Project Boosts Earth System Modelling in Germany
  • Combining HPC with Computers in Wind Farms


  • The John von Neumann Institute for Computing Celebrates 25 Years
  • Sustainable Procurement and Operations in Computing Centers
  • At the LRZ Status and Results Workshop, SuperMUC-NG Remains the Master of Diversity


  • Staff Spotlight: Leading HLRS’s Charge Toward Next-Generation Computing