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Instructions for Authors

Authors composing project reports for publication on the GCS website are kindly asked to consider the following:


  • Target group of readership: readers with no scientific background
  • Important components to be communicated in the report:
    • Name/affiliation of principal investigator
    • Name(s)/affiliation(s) of project team members
    • Project name + Project ID
    • What was the challenge?
    • Why was supercomputing power required?
    • Which HPC system served as computing platform?
    • What are the findings/knowledge gained?
    • Who did/will benefit from the insights gained? In what way?
    • Narrative perspective: neutral/3rd party
  • Language: English
  • Number of characters (including blanks): approx. 3,500 – 4,000 (minimum)
  • Abstract/summary of project ("teaser text") of 750 characters maximum (incl. blanks) for placement on general project overview page (lead up [link] to full project report)
  • Please provide reference/s to external publication/s (scientific dissemination) of project report/s, incl. URLs

Document Format:

  • Prefered format: MS-Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice (alternatively: .txt [in this case: pls. provide a copy of the project report in .pdf-format for cross-checking])
  • If formula/s (set in LaTeX) are text elements: please additionally submit a jpg/png file of the formula/s (min. resolution: 72dpi) in addition to a .pdf version of the report


  • Please provide a minimum of -1- image/graphic (incl. caption) to go with the report
    • images to be sent as separate jpg/png/pdf files
    • minimum resolution required 72dpi (higher resolution preferred!)
    • minimum size of image: longest side of image = 1500px
  • If video/s are available (mp4, AVI): we would be happy to publish them with the report – alternatively: Please provide link to YouTube and/or other publication channel.

For questions, please contact Ms. Regina Weigand ( Thank you very much for supporting the PR efforts of the Gauss Centre for Supercomputing.

This document as a pdf file.

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