GCS-Supported Joint Student Team Has Strong Showing at ISC24 Student Cluster Competition
Newsflash 07/2024 –

Although the joint team of students from the University of Hamburg and Otto-Von-Guericke Magdeburg did not take the top places, the team benefited from the experience of participating in the competition and attending ISC24 more broadly.

The Student Cluster Competition (SCC) is a friendly contest actively shaping the careers of international STEM university students and encouraging the teams to showcase their expertise. Beginning in 2007, the SCC brings together university students from around the globe, usually in the context of one of the major high-performance computing (HPC) international conference series—ISC, SC, Supercomputing Asia—for an intensive, multi-day set of skills challenges.

GCS has consistently supported German university teams throughout the competition’s existence. This year, GCS supported a cooperative team consisting of students from the University of Hamburg (UHH) and the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg (OVGU). The joint team was one of eight in-person-teams who participated in the 2024 competition.

The team arrived on Sunday, May 12 at Hamburg Congress Centre to get prepared for the big event, which officially started the next day with an opening ceremony.

The onsite teams assembled their own cluster, then ran the micro-benchmarks and HPC applications within three days of the ISC High Performance Conference.

During the entire competition the teams were extremely busy and did not have the chance to see anything from the exhibition. After they submitted their runs, the students took the opportunity to visit the GCS stand and speak with centres’ representatives. The team was very interested of gaining insight into the practical side of HPC. Specialists from the centres provided them with comprehensive information and demonstrated various applications.

„The competition was a challenging experience, but we learned a lot about the intricate details of managing an HPC cluster and solving issues as a team. Overall it was a great event that we can recommend for every student who is interested in HPC” ~ Team Elbe