23rd Call for Large-Scale Projects Open
Newsflash 01/2020 –

The 23rd call for GCS Large-Scale Projects is open for applications from German universities and publicly funded German research institutions – and it comes with revised criteria regarding the definition of “large-scale” projects. As of immediately, simulation projects fall into the category “large-scale” only if they require at least 100 million core-hours of computing time on Hawk of HLRS, or 15 Mcore-h on JUWELS of JSC, or 45 Mcore-h on SuperMUC-NG of LRZ over a period of 12 months. These values correspond to 2% of the systems’ annual production in terms of estimated availability. Scientists can apply for computing time on these three GCS HPC systems until February 10, 2020, 17:00hrs.

For further details on how to apply for computing time, please see here.

The HPC systems of the GCS centres, availble to serve the researchers, are the following:

  • HLRS: Hawk (Apollo 9000 system – successor system of CRAY-XC40 system Hazel Hen – equipped with 5,632 compute nodes with AMD Rome 64 core processors and InfiniBand HDR interconnect)
  • LRZ: SuperMUC-NG (Intel-Lenovo OceanCat platform equipped with 6,336 compute nodes with Intel Skylake processors and OmniPath interconnect)
  • JSC: JUWELS (cluster module, equipped with 2,559 compute nodes with Intel Skylake processors and 192 NVidia V100 SXM2 GPUs)

January 31, 2020

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