InSiDE Summer 2022

News Features

  • JSC Inaugurates Europe’s First Quantum Computer With More Than 5,000 Qubits
  • Medical Solution Center Will Bring Supercomputing to Medical Technology Industry
  • Bringing Quantum Computing to Scientists’ Work 

Science Features

  • Years-Long Collaboration Helps Geophysicists Better Understand Severe Earthquake-Tsunami Risks 
  • Simulations of Sediment Movement Could Help Protect Waterways
  • Aided by HPC, Researchers Aim to Carve Out New Treatment Methods to Selectively Interfere with mRNA


  • JSC Plays an Active Role in Several EU-Funded Pilot Projects Connected to Emerging Technologies 
  • The LEXIS Project Furthers Big Data Analysis and Exchange in Europe
  • IKILeUS to Integrate AI in University Education


  • CIRCE Kickoff Meeting Highlights Need for Urgent Computing
  • Women’s Power for Science 
  • GPU Programming Scales to New Heights at the JUWELS Booster Tuning and Scaling Workshop


  • Staff Spotlight: Standing at the Forefront of the Next Major Quantum Computing Revolution