As Germany's national supercomputing institution, GCS is committed to encourage a wide variety of activities that help promote up and coming experts in the field of high-performance computing (HPC). One of these activities are the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) events which have regularly been scheduled as multiple-day live events during the world’s largest gatherings of the HPC community: (1) the International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis “Supercomputing Conference” (SC), held annually in the United States, and (2) the European counterpart of this event, the “International Supercomputing Conference“ (ISC), which is held earlier each year, in late spring, in Germany,

The Student Cluster Competition encourages international teams of university students to showcase their expertise in a friendly yet spirited competition that fosters critical skills, professional relationships, competitive spirit and lifelong comraderies.

Student Cluster Competition at SC15 (Austin, TX)

Team TUMuch Phun emerged as the winner of the Student Cluster Competition’s (SCC) High Performance Linpack (HPL) award of the Supercomputing Conference 2015, which took place in Austin, Texas in November of 2015. The team of six bachelor students from the Technische Universität München (TUM), which was the only European representative amongst the 9 qualifying teams, achieved 7.134 Teraflops on the HPL benchmark run on a tailored RSC PetaStream cluster. TUM computer science students Daniel Gallenberger, Gregor Matl, Sharru Moeller, Felix Späth, Felix Thimm, and Michael Zellner thus secured one of only two trophies given away at this competition, which was part of the SC15 Student Program. In the “Overall” category, the team secured an excellent third place.