Principal Investigator: Hubert Klahr , Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg (Germany)

HPC Platform used: JUQUEEN and JUWELS of JSC

Local Project ID: chhd19

MPIA scientists have developed a planetesimal formation model based on high-resolution hydro-dynamical simulations performed on JSC HPC systems. The simulations were used to model disk turbulence and its two effects on the dust, the mixing and diffusion of the dust on large scales but also the concentration of dust on small scales. This research helped to better understand the efficiency of these processes and to derive initial mass functions for planetesimals and gas giant planets to predict when and where planetesimals and Jupiter-like planets should form and of which size they will be. This is a fundamental step forward in understanding the formation of our own solar system as well as of the many planetary systems around other stars.