Large-scale projects and highly scalable parallel applications are characterised by large computing time requirements, not only for short time frames but often for longer time periods. Projects are currently classified as "large-scale", if they require at least 100 Mcore-h on Hawk, or 45,000 EFLOP on JUWELSor 45 Mcore-h on SuperMUC-NG. These values correspond to 2% of the systems’ annual production in terms of estimated availability. The call for GCS Large-Scale Projects is issued twice a year.

For an overview of approved GCS Large-Scale Projects, please chose from the list below.

GCS Large-Scale Projects, Call 3 (February 2010)

at LRZ:

"Large-Eddy simulations for Complex Flow Geometries"
Adams, Stemmer, Lehrstuhl für Aerodynamik, TU München

"Numerical Investigation of the Vortical Flowfield about the VFE-2 Delta-Wing"
Prof. Adams, Lehrstuhl für Aerodynamik, TU München
Projekt report