GCS Sponsors Team from FAU to Compete in ISC17 Student Cluster Competition
Newsflash –

Team “FAUboyzz” will be representing the Friedrich-Alexander Universät Erlangen Nürnberg at ISC17. The multi-disciplinary team consists of six students studying computational engineering, computer science and medical engineering at FAU.

GCS proudly announces its role in cosponsoring FAUboyzz, a team of six undergraduate students from Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) who are participating in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) at the upcoming International Supercomputing Conference, ISC17. Team FAUboyzz is one of 12 teams accepted for the three-day challenge, held June 19–22 at ISC17. The multi-disciplinary team consists of students studying computational engineering, computer science and medical engineering at FAU.

For the members of FAUboyzz, this is their first chance at participating in an international competition related to high- performance computing (HPC). The annually occurring popular SCC challenge brings together university teams from around the world to compete on site for gruelling three days, during which teams must each build a small cluster computer of their own design and run a series of HPC benchmarks and applications. A variety of stringent contest rules apply, such as keeping to a strict power limit for all equipment that is actively used to run the test codes.

"Of course we strive to give our best at the SCC challenge," assures Jannis Wolf, captain of team FAUboyzz. "Regardless of the outcome, though, we are confident that the special knowledge obtained during the preparation for the SCC will enrich and extend our skillset in an extraordinary and unique way that we normally cannot find in the scope of our regular curriculum."

GCS, which, in recent years, has already acted as sponsor of student teams participating in these kind of HPC challenges, offers team FAUboyzz support to help cover its expenses.

The GCS management wishes the team from Erlangen-Nürnberg lots of fun and success at the SCC challenge at ISC17.