Supercomputing at the Leading Edge

A Key Technology for Science and Engineering

Ruhr University Bochum Researchers Use HPC to Understand Fracture and Fragmentation for More Efficient Excavation and Safer Building Design

(Bond) Breaking News: Heidelberg Researchers Use SuperMUC-NG to Better Understand Collagen Structure in Tendons

University of Wuppertal Researchers Use JUWELS to Understand Electrical Charge Properties of a Fundamental Plasma

Researchers Leverage JUWELS to Compare Refine Search for Critical Numerical Value

Hawk Supercomputer Helps Physicists Address the Sign Problem

Heinrich Heine University Researchers Turn to JUWELS Supercomputer to Better Understand HCN Channels

Helmholtz Institute Jena Researchers Use JUWELS to Better Understand New Forms of Plasma

SuperMUC-NG Helps Researchers Study our Cosmic Neighborhood in Unprecedented Detail

University of Cologne Researchers Use Jülich Supercomputers to Further Understand Schizophrenia

Uni Regensburg Researchers Turn to JUWELS to Predict the Masses of Subatomic Particles

Heinrich Heine University Researchers Further Knowledge of Plant Behavior at the Chemical Level

Heinrich Heine University Researchers Use JUWELS to Advance Protein Engineering by Studying Aqueous Ionic Liquids

TUM Researchers Use SuperMUC-NG to Join Remote Sensing and Social Media Data to Observe Cities’ Growth and Change

University of Göttingen Researchers Use JUWELS to Better Understand Self-Assembly of Copolymers

Researchers Use JUWELS to Better Understand How Molecules Bind to Catalyst Surfaces